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Mental Health First Aid Workshops

AMHS-KFLA is offering 4 Mental Health First Aid workshops: March 1/2, March 15/16, April 20/May 4 and May 10/11. Just like physical first aid is provided until medical treatment can be obtained, Mental Health First Aid is given until appropriate support is found or a crisis is resolved.

The March 1/2 training takes place at 552 Princess in Kingston, is presented in French and is free of charge.

The March 15/16 and May 10/11 trainings take place at 552 Princess in Kingston and cost $150 for 2 full days, including lunch, refreshments, manual and certificate.

The April 20/May 4 training takes place at 97 Thomas in Napanee and costs $150 for 2 full days, however lunch is not included.

AMHS-KFLA staff and volunteers may attend any of these trainings free of charge. To register, please contact Rebecca Lander. Thank you!