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AMHS-KFLA provides a range of housing services with varied levels of support, from 24/7 staffed homes to independent living. Our 16 managed properties in KFLA provide housing for over 170 people. We also provided rent supplements for 78 people in 2015-2016, to ensure access affordable housing, with support from local landlords.

For more information about accessing the AMHS-KFLA housing services described below, please complete our self-referral form or call 613-544-1356 (Kingston & Frontenac) or 613-354-7521 (Lennox & Addington) weekdays 8:30am-4:30pm. For professionals making referrals on behalf of clients, please use our external-referral form or downloadable form.

Housing First

Our Housing First program, run in collaboration with the City of Kingston and Home Base Housing, provides individuals with support securing housing with no pre-conditions, allowing those with immediate need to access housing and avoid homelessness and shelters.  Housing First is a client-driven approach that provides immediate access to permanent housing for people who have experienced homelessness, without requiring psychiatric treatment or sobriety as determinants of “housing readiness.” Individuals are provided access to agency and community services as needed, as well as assistance with furniture, supplies and basic food staples for their new home.

Housing Loss Prevention

Supported by the United Way through the federal government’s Homeless Partnering Strategy, AMHS-KFLA employs a Housing Loss Prevention worker to help tenants who are at imminent risk of eviction.  The Housing Loss Prevention Program supports both landlords and tenants by connecting tenants with community-based supports that can help secure their tenancy with the goal of sustaining successful tenancies.

Supportive Housing

AMHS-KFLA’s supportive housing units are staffed by mental health professionals who support tenants with varied levels of assistance in personal care, life skills and community integration appropriate to the individual’s circumstances. Rent is geared to income.

24 /7 Supportive Housing is for clients with intensive and acute mental health or addiction needs who require housing. These residences follow a psychosocial rehabilitation and harm reduction model, and are staffed around the clock.  AMHS-KFLA’s 24/7 Supportive Housing units are located in Kingston, with specialized environments for individuals requiring behavioural support, those with active substance use disorders and those with dual diagnoses (a mental health and a developmental or intellectual disability)

12/7 Supportive Housing is for clients with moderately intensive mental health or addiction needs who also require housing.  Staff are available to support tenants throughout the day with activities of daily living, personal care, outings and appointments; however these residences are not staffed around the clock. 12/7 Housing units are located in Kingston and in Napanee.

Day Supported Housing is for clients who may require low levels of mental health or addiction services to support their recovery and independent living. These residences may be staffed for part of the day, or tenants may be supported by staff not directly linked to the housing program.  AMHS-KFLA offers day supported units in the Kingston area.

Transitional Rehabilitation Housing

The Transitional Rehabilitation Housing Program (TRHP) provides specialized services to clients who have been in conflict with the law and are emerging from forensic mental health care to reintegrate into the community while under an Ontario Review Board disposition. The program offers intensive case management services for clients, promoting recovery and helping them to successfully navigate the transition to community life. TRHP clients reside in independent units within a house shared by their peers, supported by on-site clinical staff.

Independent Living

Independent Living is for clients who are in recovery from mental illness or addiction, or for those with mental illness or addiction who have a strong support network in their home or the community. AMHS-KFLA supports independent living by connecting clients with affordable housing options, as well as the agency’s services and programs as appropriate, such as Case Management. Independent living options are available throughout KFLA.