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Meet The Client Advisory Committee

Over the coming weeks, AMHS-KFLA’s blog will feature profiles of  Client Advisory Committee members sharing their experiences. The series launches with this post from Jennifer.

Hi, my name is Jennifer.  I am the Secretary of AMHS-KFLA’s Client Advisory Committee (CAC).  I have been with the CAC since about 2013.  I am also on the Board of Directors as the Representative for the CAC.  I have recently been hired for a contract job as a Peer Support Worker: a job I have always longed to do.

I have always known I was different.  When I was growing up, no one understood mental health issues in children.  In grade 6, I wanted to be a psychiatrist to help people like me, so they wouldn’t be alone like I was.  In grade 12, I wanted to study Psychology at Dalhousie University to help people like me. I knew there was something wrong but no one could help me, it wasn’t time yet.  There were no services for teenagers facing mental health issues. Now, there is peer support.  I hope to continue the trend.  Spread the help.  Not to allow anyone to walk alone like I did.  My dream is to provide support to others with mental illness, and now I have my chance.

Daffodils Painted by Jennifer