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Meet the Client Advisory Committee

AMHS-KFLA’s blog is featuring Client Advisory Committee (CAC) members sharing their experiences. The series continues with this post from Morganne.

Hi, my name is Morganne. Who am I? I am not the woman I used to be and I am eternally grateful. I have taken responsibility for my healing. I am learning to live, heal, and become a better person.  I am learning to manage my mental wellness with the tools and techniques I have learned here at AMHS-KFLA.

I believe everyone deserves dignity, compassion, acceptance, and respect and that begins with oneself. I sit on the CAC as the Chair and have had the amazing opportunity to help other clients of AMHS plus watch the other members of this committee do amazing things.

I’ve done many different things in my life.

I am an introvert and actually very shy.  I live in gratitude and humour.

I am creative: continuous improvement, courage, self-respect, self-reliance, open mind.

I believe in community and diversity.


Morganne engaging a children’s group