Service delivery for some programs has changed in response to COVID-19, please visit this page to get the latest updates and information on programs and services

Is someone you love struggling? We listen. We understand. We are here for you.

AMHS-KFLA’s Family Resource Centre (FRC) provides educational material and information about local resources for family members, professionals, the general public, and individuals living with mental illness or addiction.

The FRC is a team of individuals with lived experience recovering from, or supporting loved ones recovering from, mental illness or addiction.

The FRC features a library of educational materials, regularly scheduled support groups, and welcoming, informed staff and volunteers who can answer your questions, connect you to resources and offer hope. All services are free.

The FRC’s library offers materials on loan for a $5 refundable deposit. Book donations are welcome!

Since 1999, the FRC has offered the NAMI Family-to-Family educational program for family, significant others and friends of people living with mental illness. This program is designed to support the coping and problem-solving abilities of those closest to an individual living with a mental health condition. This 11-week program is offered twice annually, once every spring and fall. Please contact the FRC to register for an upcoming program.

The FRC also facilitates 4 peer-led support groups. Two groups, for people with mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, are offered in conjunction with the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario. The other two support groups are for family members of someone with mental illness or addiction. The first is open to family and friends, with the second one for partners/spouses only.

For more information, including hours, please call 613.544.1213 (toll-free: 1.866.616.6005) or email

You’re welcome to visit the Family Resource Centre 552 Princess Street in Kingston – appointments are available from 9am-3pm Monday – Friday, or give us a call or email before you visit to ensure there is someone on site.

For information about upcoming FRC support groups, training opportunities and events, view our calendar.


The Family Resource Centre publishes a monthly newsletter with information on mental health and addictions research as well as local support groups and opportunities for people with mental illness and addiction and their loved ones. You can download the latest issue of the newsletter below, or write to to receive the newsletter by email.

“I learned that every year, one in five people need help with mental health concerns and that substance use and gambling problems are much more common than I thought.  The people at the Family Resource Centre gave me the support and the information I needed to understand my son’s illness and what it was doing to our family.” – Carol