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An Important Message for Our Clients, Families and Care Partners

AMHS-KFLA is your local leader in mental health and addictions services and is strengthening our programs to support clients we care for and respond to a growing demand for care across our communities. 

While changes are occurring now for the future, we want to make sure you are getting accurate information and the information you need.  This update will explain why and how we’re changing, and what these changes mean to you as clients and families and care partners.

Why We’re Changing

As an addictions and mental health agency, AMHS-KFLA has a responsibility to provide the right level and range of care, at the right time and in the right place to our clients, some of whom need specialized clinical care and supports in the community. We also need to be more accessible to the growing number of people who are experiencing mental health and addictions challenges and are waiting for care.   

Over time, AMHS-KFLA has not kept pace with advancements in addictions and mental health care.  We have been given a mandate to address this issue by making it a priority to enhance care and service delivery to clients. This means changing our models and types of care to ones that have been proven to be the most effective in promoting improved client outcomes and recovery. 

We have consulted broadly with staff, clients, families, care partners and the South East Local Health Integration Network (SE LHIN) and developed our planned approach.  Our transformation is underway.  

How We’re Changing

AMHS-KFLA is refocusing our programs and services so to ensure we are providing care that reflects the advances in addictions and mental health to improve the recovery journey for people we serve.  

Our changes reflect our commitment to providing client-centered care and will benefit the 8,000 clients we support by receiving more timely access to improved clinical care.  Our changes will also benefit those who are in need of our services but have been waiting (sometimes for years) for access to us. 

As we change our care programs and services to better meet client needs, changes to our workforce need to occur.  We are hiring to recruit a number of union, non-union and management roles to our care team, with a focus on adding more regulated health professionals such as Registered Nurses (RNs), Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Psychiatrists.  We are also hiring to expand teams with addictions counselling and therapy providers and introducing Peer Navigators.  Overall, we are creating inter-professional teams that can address all aspects of a client’s needs and recovery, and ensure our staff have access to resources they need.

All changes being made are aligned to improving more timely access to broader care services and supports for clients and their families.  Some of these changes will eliminate very long waiting lists, provide access to care for more people that need our services, and overall offer our communities better addictions and mental health care.

As we refocus and enhance addictions and mental health services, we will continue to work with partners, clients, families and staff to look at ways to support clients and their families accessing community programs and services they care about but are not appropriate to be offered by us.

Planned Enhancements to Levels of Client Care

We are hiring and will be sharing more information with you on improvements being made for the benefit of clients, their families and care partners.

The following is a list of some of the client-centered improvements aimed at enhancing levels of care, client engagement, and reducing, if not eliminating service wait lists:   

  • Specialized rehabilitation within a unique housing model of care for clients needing wrap-around services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (underway).
  • A new centralized intake and booking process to make it easy to for clients and caregivers to change appointments (coming soon).
  • The relocation of all downtown Kingston services to 552 Princess Street (completed).
  • Extended hours of operation for some services to provide greater access and reduce wait lists (coming soon).
  • The hiring of regulated health care professionals, the introduction of a new peer navigator role and greater access to psychiatry (underway).
  • Increasing services tailored specifically to youth (coming soon).
  • Offering outreach services in the community and rapid re-entry to services when required (coming soon).
  • Increased access to service for people who live in rural areas (recruitment underway).
  • Expanded counselling and therapy services (recruitment underway).
  • Launch of a Client and Family Advisory Committee (planning stage).

Thank you for your patience as we work to implement these changes.

Through our transformation we will stay committed to client-centred care and we are collaborating with community partners on opportunities to improve the overall continuum of care and supports for people we have the privilege to serve. 

If you have questions, please contact us

While changes are occurring, we want to make sure you are getting both accurate information and the information you need. 

We will continue to update this site with news on changes, and at any time, should clients, their family members or care partners have questions about changes underway, we encourage them to speak to the member of our care team they are connected to or reach us directly by:  

Calling the Main Office: 613-544-1356 Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Leaving a Message with the Communication Team: 613-544-9210

Sending an Email: 

Submitting a question or comment through our feedback page: