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Board of Directors

Join Our Board

Make a lasting, positive impact on AMHS-KFLA and our community.

This volunteer role requires:

  • 10 hours/month for a 3-year term
  • Attendance at monthly meetings
  • Service on at least one committee
  • Attendance at community functions and agency events as required
  • Skill providing guidance and support for strategic decision-making, planning, fundraising, stewardship and policy formation
  • Experience as a board member
  • Francophone candidates are particularly encouraged to apply

To apply, send a cover letter & resume to AMHS-KFLA Board Recruitment by:

AMHS-KFLA’s Board of Directors 2016-2017


  • Bruce Griffith, Chair (Signatory)
  • Karen Humphreys Blake, Vice-Chair (Signatory)
  • Tom Anger, Treasurer (Signatory)
  • Peter Glynn, Secretary (Signatory)
  • Leonore Foster

Ex-Officio Directors of AMHS-KFLA

  • Don Seymour, Chief Executive Officer (Signatory)
  • Lorraine Reynolds, Director of Client, Family and Community Engagement (Signatory)

Members at Large

  • Duncan Sinclair
  • William Frid
  • Duncan Sinclair
  • Patty McHenry
  • Jennifer Risto
  • Maggie Meier

Annual Report, 2017-18

Audited Financial Statements 2017-2018